Who is this photographer lady?

Hi I’m Kayla!

I am an old soul whose passion is to find the beauty in this ever changing world. It may be found in the beauty of nature around us or it could be discovered in the face of a person. I enjoy combining these to bring out the personal beauty in each photography session I book.  I find it very rewarding to capture the essence of the person or family I am working with showing just what makes them unique. What could be more beautiful than the expecting of a baby? Or two souls joining as ONE? 

PC: The Soulful Focus

PC: The Soulful Focus

Having my children was one of the most beautiful gifts I have been afforded.  Their births, as I see it, were the beginning of an amazing love story that will last a lifetime. My husband was away on duty when I gave birth to our second child.  Without a photographer to document this extraordinary event, my husband would have missed out on that day. If you think about it, my kids stories wouldn’t exist without the our first love story, my husband and I. This led me to hone my skills into helping preserve these days for others. I like to call myself a storyteller. I want to photograph your story as its beginning with the two of you! I find joy in  telling that intimate story through my camera lens from the anticipation of you waiting to walk down the isle to the moment your throwing your hands up after saying “I DO!”.


Beauty, to me, is who and what we love. My family and extended family often become the focus of my photography.  I discovered I could tell the world a story of who my loved ones are by capturing them in their element.  I take great care in depicting them in photos and look forward to doing the same for you.  In essence, I become the historian of their life at this particular point in time.  From the wilds of Alaska to the hills of Missouri and all the way to wedding venues in Oklahoma, I have worked with couples to create precious keepsakes for generations to come.